Wednesday, May 21, 2003

So ugly news greeted us this past weekend -- we're being evicted. Wahoo. A state law allows an owner to kick everyone out of the building if they take it off the rental market for a while. We will get first dibs on the apt should it come back on the market and at the same rate, even if it changes hands. But who would want to move twice?

Of course, given the options we've seen so far if we end up in a smaller, more expensive apartment it could be something to hope for. Contrary to the beliefs of nearly everyone i've talked to, it is not a renters market. Yes, there is plenty out there, but it goes fast. You see it once and decide. Hesitation not reccommended. The only places that probably are not renting are places that are off the scale in terms of rental sanity. Unfortunately on the scale in terms of rental sanity seems to be a couple hundred above what we pay now.

Anyway, the likelyhood is that the place will be converted into condos and resold once we are gone, which will also likely be out of our league.

Oh well, such is the price of living in a popular city.


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