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Disclaimer: This site is run by a proud liberal 1st generation American Democrat. If you think you know what to expect, and don't care for the message - have a nice day!

If you feel the desire to spew vitriol, praise or something in between, you can do it here.

Our hope is that you will consider voting for John Kerry and John Edwards.

There are many reasons why we are voting for Kerry and Edwards revolving around things like the environment, social issues, gun control, church versus state, women's rights, gay rights, healthcare reform, etc. However, we think that even die-hard Repulicans should consider that Bush has failed as a leader.

This may seem counter-intuitive at first, his leadership, especially after 9/11, is widely lauded. But look at it from this perspective: after 9/11 the whole country was at his beck and call, the world practically was at our beck and call, we were united in common cause. And now? 3 years later? Where are we? We are back to the bitterly divided (albeit not nearly as apathetic) country that we had in 2000.

There was an opportunity for President Bush to live up to his oft-repeated phrase: "I am a uniter, not a divider." But he did not take it, instead his government pursued a course that followed the narrow interests of only a part of his party. They used 9/11 as a hammer to beat their opponents back and get what they wanted. They did not seek to cross the aisle to the Democrats, they demanded we cross to them. They chose to invade another country.

It is not that he hasn't showed leadership. It's just that his style of leadership -- that brooks no dissent (loyalty oaths at rallies!), that cannot admit mistakes, that lies first and then denies later, that claims a consistency, besides stubborness, it does not have -- is not suited to our democracy.

Kerry and Edwards are most likely not not going to be perfect. We are sure they will let us down on some of issues close to OUR heart. But they will pursue the war on terrorism, they will work with whatever congress they have, they will argue, fight and then compromise, they will admit mistakes and move on. They will lead.

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Ushering in an Era of Personal Responsibility
Set a Clear Example

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